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L'impact de la sixième norme nationale sur l'industrie automobile


La mise en œuvre prochaine de la sixième norme nationale a un impact majeur sur l'industrie automobile nationale. La fabrication automobile, la vente, l'importation, les voitures d'occasion et d'autres domaines sont confrontés à des changements majeurs. La sixième norme nationale est sous pression sur le marché,

The accelerated reshuffle of the automobile industry, which affects market sales and increases market inventory, is only a symptom. At a deeper level, the implementation of the sixth national emission standard will accelerate the reshuffle of the automobile industry. Compared with the upgrading from the fourth standard to the fifth standard, the technical difficulty of upgrading from the fifth standard to the sixth standard has greatly increased. For most powertrain products in the current domestic automobile market, it is no longer easy to modify the software and single hardware to solve the problem in order to meet the national emission standards. The improvement of national emission standards will eliminate a large number of technologically backward automobile manufacturers. Among them, it will also have an impact on self-owned brand automobile enterprises.